Judge says patents in HTC Apple deal can’t be sealed

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Published on December 04, 2012 with No Comments

After a recent ruling by U.S. Distric Court Judge Lucy Koh, we might become privy to some of the major details of the Apple and HTC settlement. As reported by Cnet, Koh has said that while the pricing and royalty rates of the deal should be kept private, the rest of the agreement does not need to be kept from public view.

Included in the rest of the agreement is a list of the patents involved in the agreement, some of which Samsung say could be crucial to their legal battles against Apple. Late last month, the US courts gave Samsung’s outside lawyers permission to view the confidential details of the settlement, specifically the patents involved such as the ‘381 and ‘915 patents for “bounce back” and scrolling and zooming.

Both tech giants are due back in court to continue their long-standing legal battle after Apple first secured a victory back in August. They’re set to discuss whether or not eight of Samsung’s devices can be permanently banned in the U.S., as well as if Samsung can get the case thrown out.



Source: Cnet