Judge denies Apple request for Samsung sales ban

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Published on December 18, 2012 with No Comments


Apple’s request for a U.S. sales ban on Samsung devices has been denied by a federal judge following its landmark win against the South Korean electronics giant. U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh rejected Apple’s request for a sales ban of 26 Samsung devices that they believed had infringed on their patents.

Apple had failed to prove that the consumer demand for Samsung products was because of the patents that had been infringed and that the infringing elements only constituted a limited part of Samsung’s phones, said Judge Koh in her ruling. Of the 26 products Apple sought to ban, only three of them are currently being sold: the Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II Epic, and Galaxy S II Skyrocket.

A San Jose jury had found that Samsung did violate several of Apple’s patents and awarded them over $1 billion in damages in August. This in turn led to Apple seeking a sales ban for several Samsung products. Judge Koh has not decided on the final amount of damages as Apple had sought to increase the settlement, while Samsung sought to lower it drastically.

Judge Lucy Koh also denied Samsung’s motion for a re-trial based on the claims that the jury foreman had lied about certain lawsuits he had been involved in and may have influenced jury deliberations, producing a faulty verdict.