Instagram reverts to old TOS after public outcry

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Published on December 21, 2012 with No Comments


After much public outcry, Instagram has reverted back to its old Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. In a blog post, Kevin Systrom, Instagram co-founder, explained that they had failed to communicate their intentions clearly and were reverting the advertising section back to the original version that had been in effect since the service launched back in October 2010.

Earlier this week, Instagram had introduced a set of updates regarding advertising for their service. These new terms were seen as a way for Instagram to sell your photos to advertisers for ads on the photo-sharing site. Understandably many users expressed their anger at this development and many reacted quickly, some outright deleting their Instagram accounts. Instagram responded by explaining that some may have misunderstood the wording of the new terms and were definitely not going to sell your photos. At the same time the company removed the changes and were accepting feedback to better its services.

Some of the proposed changes may make a return when Instagram feels ready to re-introduce advertising to the public. We will definitely see some form of monetization after Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion a few months ago. As it is now, the “updated” Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will take effect on January 19, 2013.