LG starts pre-order for 55″ OLED TVs in Korea, delivery next month

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Published on January 02, 2013 with No Comments


LG Electronics has edged ahead of its competitors and started taking orders for its 55-inch organic light-emitting diode (OLED) television in Korea with a February delivery. Both LG and Samsung had showcased their respective 55-inch OLED TVs a year ago but have yet to reach store shelves. LG’s 55-inch WRGB OLED TV (Model 55EM9700) will begin selling for approximately $10,000 or Php 4.2 million to South Koreans with money to burn starting on January 3 with deliveries starting on the first week of February.

LG’s OLED TV is one of the worlds thinnest at a wispy 4mm and weighing less than 10kg. The TV uses LG’s Four-Color Pixel system that has an extra white sub-pixel accompanying the usual red, green, blue for perfect color output.

Other regions where the 55-inch OLED TV will be available will announced in the following weeks and hopefully the Philippines will be one of them.