Samsung reportedly partners with NTT Docomo to release Tizen-based phones in 2013

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According to the Japanese Daily Yomiuri, Samsung has partnered with NTT Docomo to develop phones running the open-source Tizen operating system, hopefully releasing its first phones this year. With a large portion of the smartphone market dominated by Android and iOS, some mobile carriers have difficulty implementing their own services. As such, Samsung, NTT Docomo, and their partners hope to develop a more open platform that will rival the major operating systems currently offered. Other mobile carriers are also reported to be participating in the development of Tizen because “they fear the hegemony” of Apple and Google.

Tizen is a Linux-based, Intel-backed operating system that came from the death of Nokia’s MeeGo. Initially, Intel had worked with Nokia on MeeGo but after its demise, Samsung picked up on where it left off, which is also overseen by the Linux Foundation. Tizen is seen as more open that Google’s Android, which claims to be free but irked some due to certain restrictions, while Apple’s iOS has always been a closed system.

Beyond mobile phones, Tizen can power other devices such as tablets and smart TVs. Samsung could benefit greatly from developing Tizen as it would lessen their dependence on Android devices as their Windows Phone segment have yet to take flight.



Source: Daily Yomiuri