Sony stops production of PlayStation 2

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After 12 long years, Sony has decided to end Japanese production of their best-selling console, the PlayStation 2 (PS2). Over its 12 year lifespan, it first went on sale in March 2000 in Japan, the PS2 has spawned about 11,000 games and sold over 150 million consoles.

Famitsu has reported that Sony has told retailers in Japan that it will not provide any more PS2s for sale and once existing stock is sold that will be the end. However the company has not announced whether it will stop production for other territories as well.

With the PS2 in the rearview mirror, rumors have flared of Sony focusing its manufacturing resources on the upcoming PlayStation 4 (PS4). Though rumors have hinted at a mid year release for the company’s next-generation gaming console, the firm has kept a lid on the specifications and release date for the PS4.



Source: BBC