Panasonic develops emergency flashlight powered by (almost) any battery

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When the power goes out a flashlight is your best friend, but during an emergency you don’t always have access to the right kind of battery. Japan is no stranger to natural disasters and local companies have been hard at work developing products for use during emergencies. Panasonic tackles this problem by introducing an LED flashlight that can be powered by almost any battery you could have on hand during an emergency.

Panasonic’s Any Battery Light will accept AA, AAA, C, and D batteries. During a natural disaster, resources are usually in short supply so even a single AAA battery can power up the flashlight for when you need it the most. To keep costs low, the light won’t be able to utilize all the different batteries at the same time, but the rotating power switch lets you choose which battery you want to use. Panasonic claims the flashlight can run for up to 86 hours straight when every battery slot is filled. The Any Battery Light goes on sale in Japan on January for 2,000 yen ($24).



Source: Panasonic Japan via The Verge