NVIDIA unveils Tegra 4 mobile processor, 6x faster than predecessor with 72 GPU cores

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NVIDIA has unveiled the Tegra 4, the successor to its popular Tegra 3 mobile processor. Previously code-named “Wayne”, the NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang boasts that the Tegra 4 is the world’s fastest mobile processor, surpassing everything currently in the market and promises exceptional graphics,¬†lightning-fast speeds, and stunning visuals.

The Tegra 4 features 72 custom NVIDIA GeFore GPU cores, six times the horsepower of its predecessor, the Tegra 3. It is also the first to feature ARM’s quad-core Cortex-A15 CPU for even faster performance. Like the Tegra 3, it features the four plus one, a quad-core and a fifth low power core to save battery life. It’s rumored that the Tegra 4 is produced using a 28nm manufacturing process, an improvement from the Tegra 3’s 40nm which should help improve power consumption. Unfortunately, LTE still isn’t built-in to the Tegra 4 like its predecessor, but it will be available through the optional NVIDIA Icera i500 processor.

The company says that the Tegra 4 is not just for increased performance, with its Computational Photography Architecture, the Tegra 4 can automatically deliver high dynamic range (HDR) photos and Huang tested it out capturing HDR shots on the fly and a live HDR mode which could lead to HDR videos.



Photo: PC World