LG shows off its own “world’s first” curved OLED TV

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Published on January 09, 2013 with No Comments


Determined not to be outdone by its competitor, LG has also laid claim on the “world’s first” curved OLED TV at CES. At first glance, it looks like both companies are showing off the same television, both 55-inch models. LG accentuates the curvature by placing three sets side-by-side. LG has also recently released their 55-inch non-curved OLED TV for pre-order in Korea.

With both companies simultaneously vying for the “world’s first” spot, it’s quite difficult to determine who actually is the first. We do know that the first to actually deliver will be crowned “world’s first”. Though from a distance, it just looks like a pissing contest between two rivals. LG however doesn’t seem to be quite as forward thinking and hasn’t revealed any details on specifications or release date, unlike Samsung’s mid-2013 release date.