Nintendo announces 3D Pokémon X and Y, coming in October

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Published on January 09, 2013 with No Comments

Nintendo has just announced Pokemon X and Y, the next entries in the Pokemon series for the 3DS to be released worldwide in October. Both are the first 3D entries in the series built to take advantage of the 3DS hardware. That’s right, avid fans will now be able to explore the Pokemon world in 3D. The company has released a short video that shows off three new starter Pokemon, a spectacular 3D world, complete with 3D Pokemon battles.


A new game means new starter Pokemon which includes the grass-type Chespin, fire-type Fennekin, and water-type Froakie. This will surely be a treat for longtime fans of the series as Pokemon X and Y is the series’ first and long-awaited foray into the 3D realm, will be released worldwide at the same time — October 2013. “The worldwide launch of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y this October allows players to begin their adventures at the same time,” said Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO of The Pokémon Company. “Now, Pokémon fans across the globe can discover the secrets of Pokémon games and can collect, battle, and trade with each other immediately.”