ASUS unveils the ROG Ares II graphics card

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Published on January 11, 2013 with No Comments


ASUS unveiled a variety of new products for extreme gaming, including the ROG Ares II graphics card rocking dual Radeon HD 7970 CPUs. Along side the Ares II the company also gave a sneak preview of their ROG RAIDR Express solid-state drive.

The Ares II features 6GB of GDDR5 video memory, 20-phase power delivery, and both liquid and air cooling systems. It has four full-size DisplayPorts accompanying two DVI-D connectors, for a six-monitor multi-display gaming behemoth. Its GPUs run at 1,100 MHz and the memory at 1,650 MHz for an effective 6.6GHz. For such power, it won’t be cheap at $1,500 a pop and Asus will only be doing a limited run.


The ROG RAIDR Express is the company’s foray into enthusiast storage devices. The RAIDR is a PCI-Express SSD using a number of mSATA SSD sub-units in an internal RAID 0 configuration for faster data transfer speeds and reduced loading time. Like the usual ROG branding, the RAIDR is clad in black with red accents.