Samsung shows off flexible OLED phone prototype

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Published on January 14, 2013 with No Comments

samsung-youm-prototypeDuring their keynote at CES, Samsung showed off their first phone prototype using a flexible OLED display. The nameless prototype has a display that slightly dips towards the right edge of the device. The extra screen space displays landscape-oriented notifications along the edge. One use for the area is to be able to read important text messages, news or stock tickers, and other notifications from the side, even if a case is covering the screen.

As an early prototype it lacks a number of features associated with a phone like an operating system, camera, radio, or much of anything else. Right now it’s a glorified picture frame that can cycle through images of mocked-up UI. Though the utility of such a device has yet to be seen, Samsung has also teased a device with a clamshell screen and a rolled up device as well in a commercial.