Smart introduces Family Circle Plans, unlimited calls within the family

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Published on January 16, 2013 with No Comments


Filipinos value family, that’s the generally perceived notion. We always want to be connected with each other somehow, be it through social media or a simple text message. However, nothing beats hearing the voice of your loved one.

Smart has found a way to help connect families with its new Family Circle Plans. For as low as Php 800 a month, you can be connected to your loved ones 24/7. These new Family Circle Plans come with a couple of handsets with sequential postpaid lines that can be used to make unlimited calls to each other.

Available in Plans 800 & 1200 and Plans 1800 & 2500, each comes with three and four sequential phone lines, respectively. Each line gets a free phone with a separate monthly bill with an individual credit limit. Plan 800, for example, gets you three numbers that have fully-consumable allocations of Php 300 for the primary line and Php 250 for the secondary lines. Plan 2500 gets you four unique numbers with Php 700 consumable for the primary line and Php 600 for the secondary lines.

“Now, there’s no reason to be out of loop. Live More by staying connected not only with Mommy and Daddy, but also with ate, kuya, or even your barkada!” said Smart Postpaid Business Head Kathy Carag.