Free calls on Facebook for iPhone users in the US

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Published on January 17, 2013 with No Comments


Messenger for iPhone users in the US are in for a treat as Facebook launches free calling over Wi-Fi and cellular data. Earlier this month, the company had begun testing this feature for users in Canada. The new free call button has appeared in the app without requiring an update through the app store. To call, all you need to do is open a conversation, tap the “i” button in the top-right corner and tap Free Call. On the other side, a push notification appears on that person’s screen that says “Mark Zuckerberg is calling,” for example.

With this new feature, Facebook introduces millions of its users to VoIP calling, going up against Viber and Skype to name a few. It’s also a great way to make calls in areas with bad cell service or those saving up on call minutes. Facebook hasn’t said anything about international availability, VoIP on its Messenger for Android, or VoIP on the site itself, but hopefully we’ll be seeing it soon. VoIP on Facebook could provide another avenue for Filipinos to connect with relatives overseas without racking up costs.