4K broadcasting to hit Japanese television in 2014

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Published on January 28, 2013 with No Comments


4K is the next big thing in display resolution, boasting four times the resolution of current high-definition TVs. We’ve been seen multiple 4K TVs hitting the market from Sony, SamsungLG and many others. But the problem is we haven’t been seeing content capable of utilizing the ultra high-definition resolution.

The Japanese government is looking to solve that problem by launching the world’s 4K TV broadcast in July 2014 to help stir up demand for the ultra-high-definition television. Roughly two years ahead of schedule, the service will start with communications satellites, then satellite broadcasting and ground digital broadcasting. Originally Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications had aimed to jump-start the service in 2016, but decided to fast-track it to July 2014, which would be the final match of the 2014 football World Cup, set to take place in Brazil.

In other news, the Japanese are also in the process of developing super high-definition 8K TVs, and plans to test 8K broadcasts in 2016.



Source: Reuters