Apple v. Samsung: Judge rules Samsung did not willfully infringe Apple patents

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The Apple v. Samsung patent war continues as a judge has recently ruled that Samsung did not willfully infringe on Apple’s patents. Both parties have been in litigation for months concerning seven design and utility patents that a jury had found Samsung had infringed back in August, netting Apple a $1.049 billion win. The jury had found that Samsung willfully violated the patents, which could have ballooned the damages Samsung would have to pay if not appealed.¬†Samsung’s legal team then appealed Judge Koh to reconsider the jury’s findings.

In the ruling, it states that for finding of willfulness, Apple had to prove that there was an “objectively high likelihood that its [Samsung’s] actions constituted infringement of a valid¬†patent.” Samsung argued that it had reason to believe that Apple’s patents were invalid, so even if it did infringe on them, it couldn’t have done it willfully because it believed it wasn’t in the wrong. With this ruling, Judge Lucy Koh believed Samsung did not willfully infringe on Apple’s patents and won’t be issuing any additional damages for willful infringement. This may be out of the way, but the original $1.049 billion in damages was still in effect, but could be reduced if Koh chooses to.



Source: The Verge