Ricoh shows off 360-degree shooting camera

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Ricoh shows off its prototype camera that’s capable of shooting full 360-degree photographs in one shot at the recently concluded CP+ show in Japan. How does it do this you ask? Simple lift the camera up into the air, press the button, and you’ll capture everything around you. The omnidirectional camera looks like a cross between a hammerhead shark and an electric shaver is comprised of two fish-eye lenses and two sensors. The dual lenses each capture 180-degree photos on opposite sides, which are then stitched together by the camera and can be synced with a tablet or smartphone via Wi-Fi for interactive viewing.


With its accompanying app, you can swipe to navigate the photo or pinch the screen to view the photo as a circle or a sphere.

Currently the camera only takes still photos, but the company is looking into video as well. Right now, the company is just looking to see how people react, so specs and details haven’t been finalized. If there is enough demand, the company is looking to commercialize it with a smaller form factor.



Source: DigInfoTV