Wine goes mobile: Windows apps on your Android in the near future

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Published on February 06, 2013 with No Comments


Running Windows apps on your Android device could be a reality pretty soon as Wine for Android is coming. Wine (WINdows Emulator or Wine Is Not an Emulator) is an open source program that allows applications for Windows to run on Unix operating systems such as Linux, with ports to OS X, FreeBSD, and Solaris available as well. The app uses the software library Winelib, where developers can compile Windows applications to port to other operating systems.


As reported by Phoronix, Wine is being ported to Android by Alexandre Julliard, the original developer behind Wine. According to the report, performance was “horrendously slow” though it was because Julliard was running an emulated Android environment rather than a full Android device. “Alexandre Julliard uses an Apple MacBook for development of his software that runs on Linux to run Windows software… Android was emulated for his demo.” It may take awhile before Wine for Android gets released, but it’s an interesting development for Android devices.



Source: Phoronix