PlayStation 4 reported to cost $400+

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In a report by the Japanese daily the Asahi Shimbun, the upcoming PlayStation 4 set to be unveiled on Feb 20th, will most likely cost around ¥40,000 (around $428). It’s been six years since Sony launched its last console device, the PlayStation 3 which launched at around ¥60,000, while having a $599 price tag in the US.

The report also states that the PS4 controller will be similar to the current Dual Shock 3, but will feature a touch pad. For now Sony’s latest flagship console, the Orbis, is rumored to have an eight core 1.6GHz AMD processor using AMD’s new “Jaguar” technology, 4GB GDDR5 of RAM (512MB of which is reserved by the OS). Graphics are said to be powered by AMD’s mobile “Pitcairn” design that runs at 850MHz with 20 “Graphics Core Next” compute units, but the PS4 is said to shave off some power, leaving 18 cores at 800MHz, still packing enough hardware for cutting-edge visuals.

The Japanese business daily Nikei is also reporting that the Orbis will be using cloud technology from Gaikai, the gaming service that the company had bought last year for $380 million. Both Japanese dailies also confirm the February 20th release date for the Orbis.



Source: The Verge