Apple exploring curved glass smartwatches

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Fancy yourself a super spy with all the latest gadgets, such as the handy wristwatch computer? Well your dreams could be a reality, according a report by The New York Times, Apple is experimenting with the idea of an iOS-based smartwatch. This isn’t the first time Apple has been rumored to delve into wearable computers, neither is it the first to create products either, but sources have said that the watch will be made from curved glass that should set it apart from competitors.

The rumored “iWatch” seems to be relegated to development status but looks promising as Apple executives have been receptive to the idea of wearable hardware. For example CEO Tim Cook is reported to use Nike FuelBand while Apple SVP Bob Mansfield is particularly interested in similar technologies that connect to the iPhone through Bluetooth. With the advancements in bendable technology, such as Corning’s flexible substrate Willow Glass and Samsung’s bendable OLED displays, there’s a high probability the iWatch could see the light of day.

“You can certainly make it wrap around a cylindrical object that could be someone’s wrist,” said Corning CTO Pete Bocko. But Bocko warned that despite the technological advancements the company has achieved, “the human body moves in unpredictable ways,” so it will be a challenge to translate into a wearable product.

Wearable computing seems like the next step as some are already saying it could replace the smartphone over the next decade. Analysts have said that wearable computing could be cheaper than an iPhone, so an iWatch could be a way for Apple to tackle lower price points and emerging markets. Though if Apple does push through, it won’t be alone as many are also delving into wearable computing, such as the Google Glass headset, or the Pebble smartwatch.



Source: The New York Times Image: ADR Studio