Chrome OS documentation hints Chromebook Pixel could be a reality

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After a purportedly leaked video emerged last week, showing off a high-resolution Chromebook Pixel, doubts have been raised about its authenticity. But François Beaufort, who first found the leaked video and has a track record of unearthing other Chrome OS details, has found documentation for a multi-colored lightbar pattern. Here’s part of what he found:

Yet another set of tweaks to the lightbar patterns:

At Startup or wake from sleep, Google colors cycle in.

While running, > 25% power level in the battery: All blue, in a breathing effect (cycle up and down 30%).

While running, <= 25% power level in battery: Same as above, but with red

Shutting down, or going into sleep: Cycle out the Google colors

Currently this lightbar feature isn’t available in existing Chromebooks, and it looks quite similar to what was shown in Slinky.Me video of the Pixel. As the video ends, we see a quick look at a lightbar showing off Google colored lights. Even with this new information, some are still quite skeptical of the Pixel as a real product. The 2560 x 1700 touch display could be a great addition to the Chrome OS lineup, but from what we know of Chromebooks, such a high-definition display would seem out of place. Add to the fact that it exudes an Apple designed aura. Whatever the case may be, we’ll surely be seeing more of the Pixel (if it’s real) pop up as Google I/O draws nearer.



Source: The Verge