Bandai brings Tamagotchi to your Android

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Published on February 15, 2013 with No Comments


When 90s kids crack open their drawers, they’ll find a treasure trove of knickknacks that include the ubiquitous Tamagotchi. You didn’t even have to own one to know about it, with its unforgettable needy beeping noises. The small-egg shaped virtual pet found its way into the hands of kids across the world when it first launched in 1996. Now for its 16th birthday, the Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. — Love Is Fun Everywhere — app has hit Google Play as a free download. It works just like the toy, you can feed, bathe, entertain, and clean up after your small virtual pet. To make sure you take care of your pet, the original beeps and boops have been reproduced to alert you to your pet’s constant needs.

The nostalgic app is available for Android devices for now but an iOS version will be coming soon. The Tamagotchi app is split into two modes: an old “toy view” that functions just like the toy, down to the three buttons, and a full screen colored app mode. Some features include unlockable characters, backgrounds, and shells.

Unfortunately the app is currently available to the US only. No word on when everyone else will get it.