A peek through Google Glass UI, search, camera, voice commands

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Published on February 21, 2013 with No Comments


Google has released a video preview of what it’s like donning a pair of its Google Glass wearable headsets, with a brief look at its user interface. This video follows Google’s re-opening of its $1,500 pre-order of its Glass Explorer program for “creative individuals,” application details are on theĀ Google Glass page. The program is only open to US residents, who are over 18 and ready to drop $1,500 for a pair.

From what was in the video, it seems Google Class will be voice controlled, allowing users to take a picture or record a video, execute a search, send voice-commanded messages, and receive on-screen directions and notifications. It also looks to have on-screen translation support, a new development that hasn’t been announced by Google before.

Project Glass was announced last year and Google had aimed to launch Glass by early 2014 though developer editions have been going around, at $1,500 a pair. According to Google, this video shows “how Glass actually feels” with all the video footage captured from Glass. Looks like an interesting product, would you get one?