Nokia unveils two new affordable mobile phones, the Nokia 105 and Nokia 301

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Published on February 26, 2013 with No Comments

nokia-105-301Alongside the two new Lumia additions, Nokia also unveiled two new low-end devices at the 2013 Mobile World Congress. Both the Nokia 105 and Nokia 301 bring the Finnish company back to its roots with cheap and durable devices.

The Nokia 301 is the cheapest Nokia mobile phone that has streaming video capabilities through 3.5G Internet connectivity. Featuring the classic candy bar design with an alphanumeric keypad and 2.4-inch screen. Not only does it have video streaming, it also has a 3.2MP smart camera that can take panorama shots, sequentials shots, and self-portraits, even without a front-facing camera. The Nokia 301 comes in two configurations, a single and EasySwap dual SIM model. The single SIM boasts up to 39 days of standby time, while the dual SIM lasts up to 34 days on standby. It comes in five colors: cyan, yellow, magenta, black and white. The Nokia 301 starts at EUR 65 (about Php 3,500) and should arrive around Q2.

As the successor to the Nokia 1280, the Nokia 105 is a basic mobile phone, with FM radio, speaking clock, and flashlight. Featuring a 1.45-inch colored screen, the device has a dust- and splash-proof keypad with battery life lasting up to a month. The Nokia 105 is a simple device and comes in black and cyan for EUR 15 (about Php 800), a pretty cheap backup phone that should start rolling out in Q1.