End the noise hunt, Chrome could be getting audio indicator for browser tabs

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Published on February 27, 2013 with No Comments

chrome-audio-indicatorsGoogle looks to be working on a nifty new update for its Chrome browsers. Have you ever had a dozen tabs open and suddenly music starts playing and you hunt down which one is actually playing it? Well with this new update, an audio indicator will play on the tab if it’s playing or recording sound. François Beaufort first discovered the nifty feature in the latest Chromium build. Google Chrome is based on the open source web browser project, Chromium, most features appear on Chromium first before debuting on Google Chrome. It has been tested on both HTML5 and Flash so it should work with plugins. 

Below is a video of the animations at work.

Currently, the feature has also been spotted on the latest Canary build of Google Chrome. Google Chrome Canary is the up-to-date version of the browser and has been designed for developers and early adopters to try out new features. It constantly changes and can be prone to breaking down, but if you’re curious to see what Chrome will be offering you can check it out at the Google Chrome Canary site and it can run at the same time with the regular Chrome.

No longer will you be surprised by audio suddenly blaring out from one of your tabs or you can track down if a site is quietly recording you. It also helps you see if the tab is still consuming memory even if you’re not using it.



Source: The Next Web