Turn your smartphone into a game controller with Google’s Chrome Super Sync Sports

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Published on February 28, 2013 with No Comments

super-sync-sportsCombine the latest web technologies, smartphones, and funky sports games, you’ll get Google’s latest Chrome Experiment, Super Sync Sports. This nifty new experiment runs on your desktop browser while you use your smartphone or tablet to control your avatars as they run, cycle, and swim for virtual gold.

super-sync-sports2To start, simply visit Super Sync Sports on your browser and your device (Android 4.0+ or iOS 4.3+). For browsers visit chrome.com/supersyncsports and visit g.co/super on your device. After choosing whether you want to play solo or with friends, you simply type in the sync code into your device to start the games. From there controls are on your device, you get to choose from over 50 funky avatars, from an invisible man to a piece of modern art. Simply follow the instructions on your device and you’re all set to race.

Built entirely from the latest web technologies such as HTML5, Canvas, and CSS3, this new experiment just goes to show how far our browsers have come and what they can achieve. From afar, you could say that it’s a simplified Wii U type of gaming. So what are you waiting for, grab some friends and have a bit of fun with this funky sports game.