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Published on March 01, 2013 with 2 Comments

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Bluetooth headsets come in all shapes in sizes, some are small and inconspicuous while some are quite eye-catching. Plantronics has been in the communications business for quite a while so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing. We managed to get our hands on its latest premium Bluetooth headset, the Plantronics Voyager Legend, and we’re quite impressed with it. Compared to its predecessor, the Voyager Pro, it looks great.

Looks-wise, the Voyager Legend quite large compared to standard headsets, mostly due to its boom arm design. The materials used make the headset feel quite sturdy and it handles a few accidental bumps and drops quite well. While the ear loop looks a bit thick, it provides a snug fit and controls are easily accessible. The ear loop houses two sturdy switches, one power switch and a volume toggle. Charging is done through a small magnetic adapter that connects to the bottom of the headset, which has a USB end so it can be connected to the power adapter or any regular USB port. A slight issue I had with the charger was that the wire is quite short, so at times you may have to charge it on the floor if the plugs are far away. Plantronics also sells a small travel case accessory that doubles as an extended battery pack that doubles talk time to 14 hours.

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Ear tips are the standard gel type attached to the Voyager Legend, while Plantronics has also bundled a larger and smaller sized tip along with two sets of foam earbud covers. Changing the tips is a breeze, simple press inward and twist left or right to lock or unlock the tips for switching. Not sure if it was just my ear, but the ear tips don’t fully create an audio seal in my ear.

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The boom microphone arm is thinner than its predecessor, but is quite solid when positioned here and there. The two main buttons are on the arm, a Voice key on the bottom and a Call button at the rear edge. The arm is quite articulate, easily switching between left or right ear orientations. When worn, the whole setup is quite light and secure weighing in at only 18g, even if it looks a tad bulky. The headset’s sensors are quite “smart” as well, sensing whether you remove it or place it on your ear, smartly muting audio or answering calls depending on your actions.

Plantronics boasts of the Voyager Legend’s audio quality with its triple mic boom arm that sports stainless steel windscreens. Audio quality was excellent to and from the device, I had no problem hearing calls and call recipients heard me loud and clear. The Voyager Legend connects through Bluetooth 3.0 so it features multi-point pairing, wherein you can connect two devices at the same time. The headset features voice announcements so you’ll be hearing a British-sounding lady announcing things now and again such as who might be calling or how much battery life you have left. To answer a call all you have to do is say “Answer” and you’re all set.

The Voyager Legend is rated for 7 hours of talk time and 11 days of standby time, while only taking 90 minutes to fully charge. For the casual user this you last you a few days. The weather in the Philippines is erratic at times but you should be able to use the headset during a bit of rain or on an especially hot day as it’s sweatproof, courtesy of P2i.

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Overall its a premium looking device and works like a champ. Audio quality and functions work splendidly though the ear tips don’t fit too snugly. Plantronics also has a few nifty Android and iOS apps to help track your headset and have battery notifications right on your device. The headset might be priced at a premium at Php 4,900, but with all its features and quality it’s worth it.

Pro: Superb audio quality, sweatproof, sturdy build

Cons: Ear tips not fitting snugly, extremely short charger wire

Rating: 9/10

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  • Lee William

    been looking all over for this, where can i get one in manila please? thanks

    • Russell

      Hi you can contact the folks at EA Global Supply Chain Solutions. They are the local distributors for the Voyager Legend. Their number is +632-655-77-77, while their office is at Units 2907-2912 29th Floor One Corporate Centre, Julia Vargas cor. Meralco Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City.