Evernote resets user passwords after security breach

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Published on March 04, 2013 with No Comments


Do you have an Evernote account? You might have experienced some trouble logging into some of your Evernote apps these past few days. This is due to Evernote issuing a user-wide password reset after it discovered a security breach in its system.  In a statement on its blog, Evernote reassures its users that their data and financial information is safe.

Evernote’s password algorithms are hashed and salted, so they should be safe from most cracking attempts. The service’s security team discovered and blocked suspicious activity on its network that tried to access secure areas of the service.

To reset your password, simply sign into your account on evernote.com and you’ll be prompted to enter your new password. Once reset, you’ll have to apply this new password to any other Evernote apps that you may use. Along with the mass password reset, Evernote also plans to update its native apps to make sure the password change process is easier.

With multiple hacking attempts popping up, it just reminds us to stay vigilant and protect ourselves as we go about our day. The usual steps to keep your accounts safe are to: avoid using simple passwords, never using the same password multiple times, and to not click on suspicious email links.