Samsung’s Galaxy S IV to track your eyes for scrolling

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Published on March 06, 2013 with No Comments


Only a few days left before Samsung unveils its newest flagship device, the Galaxy S IV, that’s said to be focusing more on software, rather than hardware. According to a Samsung employee who has taken the new phone for a spin, it will feature eye-tracking technology for scrolling through pages, reports The New York Times.

Pages will automatically scroll as your eyes hit the end of a paragraph as the phone tracks your eye movement. This wouldn’t be the first time Samsung dabbled in eye-tracking as the Galaxy S III included Smart Stay that prevents the phone’s display from dimming while the user is looking at the screen. Samsung has filed trademarks for “Eye Scroll” in both Europe and the United States so it should have something up its sleeve. No news on what powers this nifty feature or whether we’ll be seeing it in action at the March 14th Galaxy S IV unveiling though.