Facebook unveils new look for News Feed

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Published on March 08, 2013 with No Comments


Facebook has announced that it’s changing things up again and this time it’s the News Feed. The company has taken tips from its mobile look and re-imagined the News Feed to have the same feel. For example the left-hand menu that’s an iconic part of the mobile experience will be in the new look. It’s also compartmentalized the streams of content into multiple categories so you can choose what you want to look at. Seeing as how most content on the News Feed is visual content, the team has made photos and albums larger, similar to what it’s done for the Timeline. Instead of tiny snippets, articles have been expanded to include a fuller summary and a logo of the publication.


Facebook has added a couple of new feeds in addition to the usual News Feed that you see. The All Friends feed shows you everything that your friends are sharing. The Photo feed only shows you photos from your friends and the Pages that you like. Music is full of the music that you listen to. Finally, the Following feed shows you everything from the Pages and people you follow.

With this new redesign, Facebook is trying to unify its viewing experience across different platforms. It represents the current trend of minimalist, image-centered sites that have sprouted, such as Tumblr, Pinterest, and its competitor Google+. The company will be rolling out the new designs slowly over the following weeks on both web and mobile. On mobile, iOS apps will be the first to get the new updates with Android following closely. If you want to get it early you can add yourself to the facebook.com/newsfeed waiting list.