Mozilla Firefox out of iOS until Apple plays ball

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Published on March 12, 2013 with No Comments


Mozilla won’t be in iOS devices anytime soon unless Apple changes the way it controls user choice. iOS devices may have other browser choices, but you can’t set anything else other than mobile Safari as the default. Currently, there isn’t a full-fledged Firefox browser on iOS and will likely stay that way until Mozilla can utilize its sophisticated rendering and javascript engines on iOS, reports CNET.

Apple really wants you to use Safari and makes it harder for third-party browsers to stand out. For now, all third-party browsers utilize Apple’s UIWebView component, while Apple uses its own faster JavaScript rendering engine called Nitro. Apple pretty much gives Safari a built-in speed boost against other browsers, as it keeps Nitro away from third-party developers and won’t allow them to develop their own. Though Mozilla did demo an experimental iPad browser  called “Junior” last year that used Apple’s UIWebView so it is trying to get into iOS somehow.



Source: CNET