BitTorrent launches live streaming platform, BitTorrent Live

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After years of development BitTorrent has launched its own live streaming platform, BitTorrent Live, that gets better as more people tune in. Developed by BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen and the folks at BitTorrent Inc., BitTorrent Live allows people to stream content via BitTorrent with minimal delays. Current live streaming practices actually increase in cost as more people use it and streams get choppier and eventually when too many people are watching, can fail.

Based on the principles of BitTorrent, content is shared and as more people tune in, the more resilient the stream becomes. Currently, BitTorrent is used for file sharing purposes and sometimes linked with piracy. BitTorrent Live has been designed as a way to easily share events to the masses without the enormous bandwidth requirements that it usually entails.

“Current offerings fail with large audiences but with BitTorrent Live every viewer that joins a swarm extends its reach by sharing pieces of the video to other viewers. It becomes more robust with larger audiences and there are no costs associated with the addition of users,” said BitTorrent Inc.’s Justin Knoll.

To view a stream, you simply have to install the BitTorrent Live app, which is used to share the video with others who are also watching. Alternately, you can also stream your own content if you wish to by creating an account at BitTorrent Live. You’ll have to have a bit of video streaming know-how to get by and a computer as a broadcast station.



Source: TorrentFreak