Google launches “help for hacked sites” instructional series

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Published on March 13, 2013 with No Comments


You may have heard of the numerous hacks that have infiltrated some of the big names, or you might have a friend who had their site compromised. Google has taken notice and has released a “help for hacked sites” instructional series to guide users through recovering and repairing their sites, or for those with less technical know-how it explains what hacking is and how they can get someone to fix it.

Google has also listed a few tips to help keep yourself and your sites safe:

  • Be vigilant about keeping software updated.
  • Understand the security practices of all applications, plug-ins, third-party software, and so on, before you install them on your server. A security vulnerability in one software application can affect the safety of your entire site.
  • Remove unnecessary or unused software.
  • Enforce creation of strong passwords.
  • Keep all devices used to log in to your servers secure (updated operating system and browser).
  • Make regular, automated site backups.