Lenovo reimagines the ThinkPad, unveils T431s ultrabook

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Lenovo has reimagined the ThinkPad — the iconic boxlike design and red TrackPoint nub — trying to modernize the device, while retaining its classic look. To kick-start the redesign, Lenovo has started with the T431s, an ultrabook in the T series that it’s planning to release this April for $949 (about Php 38,600) It isn’t the first ultrabook in the T series, it’s predecessor the T430s takes that crown, followed by the X1 Carbon. Lenovo unveiled the ThinkPad T431s at Engadget Expand.

The T431s will be the first to sport Lenovo’s new “Graphite Black” paint job, rather than the usual pure black finish. Lenovo has also tinkered with the keyboard, it now sports the same chiclet keyboard found on the X1 Carbon, with the function keys defaulting to Windows 8-specific actions. It still sports the keyboard liquid passthrough in case any of you are wondering. Gone are the prominent mouse buttons that function with the TrackPoint, integrated into the glass trackpad. The ThinkPad also sports a new hinge that lowers the overall height of the device, which can open up to a full 180 degrees. There are a few more changes Lenovo has made, 26 in total, including a flipped ThinkPad logo so that it reads right-way-up, speakers hidden near the hinges, and a latch-less lid.


The T431s sports a non-touch 14-inch, 1600 x 900 display, encased in a carbon fiber lid and the usual rugged magnesium construction. Inside the T431s is a dual-core Intel 1.8GHz Core i5 processor (upgradeable to a 2.1GHz Core i7), 4GB of RAM (expandable to 12GB), and a 320GB hard drive with hybrid and SSD-only options available. It has Ethernet and VGA ports, along with two USB 3.0 ports, a Mini DisplayPort, an SD card slot and a 720p webcam. Lenovo’s sealed battery runs up to eight hours and there’s an optional HSPA+ WWAN module.



Source: The Verge