Google launches “Keep” note-taking app

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Published on March 22, 2013 with No Comments


Meet Google Keep, the search giant’s latest note-taking and list-making app, which has just been launched both on the web and on Android. You can check out the app at or at the Google Play store, but do note that you’ll have to have to be running Android 4.0 and above. The app is meant to replace physical notepads, a place to quickly jot down notes or reminders. Your notes are safe since it’s stored on Google Drive, they’ll sync across your different devices so that you can access them any time.

Notes can be organized in multiple colors and easily archived or deleted. Photos can be added to teach note, while it also has a transcription tool that turns your voice memos into text. It seems quite similar to popular note-taking app Evernote and a bit redundant as Gmail already has a tasks feature built-in, though Tasks could be the next Google feature to get the ax.

It seems like a nifty new feature for Google and many would probably take it for a spin, but one has to wonder if it will last. Google is famous for axing some of its older features every now and again, most recently Google Reader, so will it worth taking the risk to get used to an app that might disappear when Google gets tired of it?