Zynga refreshes Zynga.com gaming site, edges away from Facebook

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Published on March 22, 2013 with No Comments


Zynga is trying to rebuild itself and it starts with the relaunch of its website Zynga.com, allowing users to play its games without having to sign in through Facebook, reducing its dependence on the social media giant. Previously, players had to log in with their Facebook accounts but now new players can easily sign up without having to use their Facebook credentials. Zynga general manager, Tim Catlin told Reuters that he believed Zynga players wanted to create unique names that were not connected to their personal Facebook accounts, which displayed their real names.

Both Facebook and Zynga have co-existed for quite a while. Founded in 2007, Zynga earned most of its revenue from Facebook games, while Facebook gained a portion of its income from Zynga as well. But after a few changes in Zynga and Facebook’s new terms, Zynga is looking to distance itself from the social media giant to build on its own gaming platform. Zynga isn’t obligated to use Facebook ad units and Facebook credits anymore, while Zynga’s right to cross-promote non-Facebook games using Facebook data have become limited.

It’s been clear that Zynga has been rethinking its approach, it has already shut down a number of its once-popular titles while slowing down its releases. Zynga has also seen an increase in third-party games, rather than in-house developments, so the company will have to find a way to entice more developers while keeping its players happy. A number of departures and layoffs last year have dwindled the company’s numbers as it transitions itself towards a new direction. Only time will tell if doubling down on the Zynga.com network will work out for them.