Apple not alone, Samsung, Google, LG join smartwatch race

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It’s pretty clear Apple is working on a smartwatch, but more and more companies seem to be entering the smart watch race. Wearable gadgets are on the rise, with Google’s Glass project and the success of the Pebble smartwatch on Kickstarter, more and more companies are looking in to join the race. Samsung, Google, and LG are all rumored to be working on their own wrist accessory. 


This won’t be Samsung’s first foray into the smartwatch arena, its first attempt was in 1999 when it launched the SPH-WP10, essentially a miniature cellphone on your wrist. It had 90 minutes of talk time, integrated speaker and microphone, a protruding antenna and a monochrome LCD screen. A decade later it came out with the S9110 Watch Phone, another full-featured phone with a 1.76-inch color LCD display. Now a Samsung executive has revealed that the Korean chaebol is once again working on a smartwatch to go against Apple.

According to sources, Google won’t be left behind as it develops a watch that will work as an extension to smartphones running Android. The watch will most likely pair with an Android phone to show messages and notifications on the watch’s display. Google seems quite vested in wearable electronics, with its Google Glass project already out in the wild for interested parties.


Not to be left behind, Korean technology giant LG Electronics is rumored to be working on both a smartwatch and a Google Glass-type of product as well according to a source. Like its other Korean competitor, LG has also delved into smartwatches before, with the GD910, sporting a 1.3-inch touchscreen, 3G+ and video call capabilities.

For now the details are quite lacking, as each of the four companies are keeping almost everything under wraps. Though the two Korean companies have the advantage as both are quite capable of creating bendable display panels, a crucial part that both Apple and Google will most likely have to source from the Koreans.

If these companies do come out with their own smartwatches, which would you most likely want to use?