Nokia CEO Stephen Elop throws iPhone during TV interview

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Published on March 25, 2013 with No Comments


Nokia CEO Stephen Elop doesn’t seem to like iPhones very much as he threw Finnish talk show host Hjallis Harkimo’s iPhone to the ground on live TV. Elop was a guest on Harkimo’s talk show Hjalliksen kannsa (roughly translated With Hjallis) where he was revealing the Lumia 620.

During the interview, the host brought up the rumored Nokia Lumia 928, asking when it would launch, while Elop did as much as he could to ignore the question. Harkimo even took out his iPhone and said “I don’t want to have an iPhone. I want to have a Nokia phone.” Elop responded by taking the phone and throwing the phone off camera. “There, it’s gone,” Elop remarked. Without skipping a beat, Harkimo continued on, even praising the CEO. “I want to have a Nokia phone because I believe in you and I believe in Nokia. But I want to have that Lumia 928. So when do I get it?” he asked.

Elop still didn’t answer. He did promise Harkimo that he would change his iPhone into a Nokia phone.