Google Play now offering devices in India, starts with Nexus 7

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Published on March 27, 2013 with No Comments


Google Play seems to be expanding its international rollout as it starts offering devices in India, starting with the Nexus 7. The device showed up in the Indian Google Play store for Rs. 15,999 (around Php 12,000) and will ship on April 5th. It’s only available in the 16GB variant though.

Like the Philippine store, it only had access to apps and more recently books, but with the Nexus 7 showing up its a good sign that we may actually be getting devices sometime soon. With Google I/O coming up soon we might actually have the chance to grab a Nexus device from the Google Play store locally. For now we’re stuck with apps in our Play Store, but with Google expanding its roots in the country hopefully we’ll be seeing an expansion of Google services locally.