LG unveils new Smart Choice home appliance lineup

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Published on March 27, 2013 with No Comments

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LG Electronics has unveiled its latest lineup of Smart Choice home appliances this season. Setting the scene for the season, LG showcased its new televisions and smart home appliances. For the home electronics side, LG showed off its “world’s first” 84-inch 4K Ultra HD 3D TV, the LG 84LM9600, which features four times higher resolutions than Full HD. Smart technology has made appliance usage easier but drains more energy. LG moves to a greener future as it introduces its newest smart appliances that utilize Inverter technology to reduce energy usage, saving the consumer money while saving the environment.

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Along with the 4K TV, LG also showed its LG Cinema 3D TVs and Smart TVs that enable users to surf the web on their television sets. A few helpful features include Time Machine II, that lets users record their favorite TV shows for playback at a later time, and Tag On, giving users the ability to connect their smartphones to the TV through Miracast, NFC, or MHL. To control these televisions, LG showed off its Magic Remote that has point, gesture, scroll, and voice capabilities, working somewhat like a Wii Mote.

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LG envisions a smart home and starts with eco-friendly air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators. Each product contains LG’s Inverter technology that increases efficiency while lowering energy costs. “More than the superior technology behind each product, what’s truly smart about LG’s new line of Home Appliances is the enhanced user experience that comes with the use of our products,” said Sheryl Tayag, product manager of LG Electronics Home Appliances. LG’s Inverter appliances all come with ten years of warranty so make the Smart Choice for all your appliance needs.