Facebook losing grip on youth to mobile messaging apps

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Published on April 01, 2013 with No Comments


Facebook, the world’s most popular website may be losing its grip on the tech-savvy youth of today. With over a billion users, the nine-year old social media giant seems to be slowly losing its grip on millions of young users who have instead turned to numerous smartphone-based messaging apps that have been popping up across the world to connect with their peers.

Popular apps include Whatsapp, Kick, KakaoTalk, LINE, and WeChat which combine elements of text messaging and social networking. These apps allow users a quick way to send messages and share pictures or YouTube clips without hassle, bypassing SMS plans provided by carriers and established social networks. With the popularity and accessibility of smartphones, more and more have strayed away from traditional desktops, with many accessing the web through mobile means.

Facebook has noticed the trend and continued to work on its mobile presence, but it will be fighting an uphill battle to reel back young users who have jumped over to newer, more appealing mobile messaging apps. For the moment, most of these users retain their Facebook profiles, simply looking for something new, but if Facebook fails to appeal to the market it may start to lose more and more users. Some mobile messaging apps have already begun supporting third-party applications such as games, slowly developing into platforms that could rival the social media giant.

Facebook will have to find ways to make its network interesting once again or risk losing the emerging generation of tech-savvy users.