Google kicks off April Fools with Google Nose, YouTube shutdown, Gmail Blue

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It’s that time of the year once again, April Fools’ Day where fools are made out of many. Google isn’t one to sit idly by as it outs a slew of new “features.” From sniffable scents to its video streaming service shutting down and an all new palette change for its email service, Google knows how to catch your attention.

Google Nose


First off you’ll be seeing a new “scentsation in search” with Google Nose, a new scent-based search feature. The feature appears as “Nose (Beta)” on the search settings bar which transports you to the Google Nose landing page where you can start “smelling.” On certain results, on certain Knowledge Graph results, instead of “People also searched” the heading now reads “People also sniffed.”

YouTube Shutdown


It’s been almost eight years since YouTube debuted and now it’s ready to finally look for the “Best Video” on the video streaming site. With 72 hours of video being uploaded every minute, YouTube feels that it has gathered enough content these past eight years and will be shutting down today to look for the “Best Video.” The video features several YouTube stars over the years such as Antoine Dodson, Matt Harding, Judson Laipply of “Evolution of Dance” fame and others.


Judging is said to take 10 years, with YouTube relaunching in 2023 to announce the winner. They’ve also got a video stream that will announce the nominees for the next two years. The “Best Video” on YouTube will win a $500 stipend for your next creative endeavor and a “brand new” MP3 player that clips to your sleeve.

Gmail Blue


This next joke may be taking a few “moonshots” at the competition by turning Gmail blue. It’s taken a whopping six years to “develop the technology” to turn everything blue. Coincidentally the service also turns nine on April Fools’ Day. Most specifically it looks to be targeting Microsoft, who previously attacked Gmail for privacy reasons. The video coincides with Microsoft’s newest OS being dubbed Windows Blue, and a small “brown was a failure” quip directed at the short-lived brown Microsoft Zune. Try to think about how many buzz words you hear throughout the video.

Google Maps Treasure Mode


Google Maps joins in on the fun as well with a new “Treasure Map” mode. Last year, the service showed off an 8-bit version of the world, but now it wants you to go off in search of the hidden treasure of infamous pirate, William “Captain” Kidd.

Google+ Emotion


From the social media side, Google+ users can now add “stylized emotions” to your photos. Simply open up one of your pictures in the lightbox and click the “Add emotion” button at the top left of the screen. Google somehow scans the image and plops an emotion icon beside everyone’s faces.

Google Fiber Poles

Gigabit speeds wherever you are? Well that could be a reality thanks to Google’s engineers who have decided to roll out Google Fiber to utility poles so you can just plug in and get Gigabit speeds wherever you can get electricity. This is one joke that I’m sure everyone wants to be a reality.

Google seems to be a pretty festive and productive place this time of year, with all the new “features” that its been rolling out.