Game of Thrones premier breaks BitTorrent records

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Quite a number of people have managed to download the season premier of the Game of Thrones on BitTorrent, around a million already in less than a day. Just hours after the first torrent of the show went live, hundreds and thousands had already went out and grabbed a copy, breaking a few records in the process. Most notably the amount of people sharing a file at the same time — more than 160,000 simultaneous peers around the world. Previously the record went to the season premier of the TV show Heroes, with 144,663 peers.

With numerous files spawning over a million downloads, Game of Thrones will most likely be one of the most downloaded TV shows this year. One of the main reasons for this is the international delay in airing, fans outside of the U.S. will have to wait a while before they can see the latest episode on HBO. HBO tries to bridge the gap, but a few hours is just too long for some, add to that the HBO subscription needed as well.

But for HBO, this piracy isn’t actually killing the show, it actually helps the show by creating cultural buzz, as said by show director David Petrarca. HBO might prefer it if viewers paid for Game of Thrones but its programming president Michael Lombardo feels that it’s a compliment that so many enjoy the show. It isn’t hurting DVD sales either “The demand is there,” Lombardo said. “And it certainly didn’t negatively impact the DVD sales.”

The Philippines is also among the top ten who have downloaded the show according to TorrentFreak, sitting between Norway and Sweden at number nine.



Source: TorrentFreak