Twitter Cards expanded, displays multimedia content and app functionality

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twitter card integration

Twitter has introduced a couple of new features to its “Cards” feature to help developers build new features for tweets. The new features allow developers to do more with a single tweet, display photo galleries, media players, and “deep-link” to apps. Most of the information comes from developer Dave McClure who has tweeted details about the developer event. Twitter already had a few partners expressing their support for the new card features, including Flickr, Path, and Foursquare.

twitter card app link

It seems Twitter is trying to play nice with app developers, promising them improved exposure while using its service. In a blog post, the company details a few of the improvements made to Twitter Cards. Now Twitter Cards will be able to include a link to directly install an app, for both iOS and Android. Another big feature is the “deep-linking” feature that directs users to the content within the app itself. For example, the photo above shows an “Open in Flickr app” which would directly open up the app to the content. This seems to be quite a useful feature, jumping directly between apps without having to revert to a web browser to view cross-posted content.

While Twitter may have embraced app developers, it has still kept quiet about Twitter app developers with its restrictive APIs for third party apps with limited “tokens.” Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has previously said that he prefers developers that “build into Twitter” instead of  those who “build off Twitter.” Though it’s highly doubtful that Instagram Cards will be reappearing on Twitter any time soon.



Source: The Verge