Nokia Tablet possibly in the works?

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Published on April 05, 2013 with No Comments


Nokia already announced a number of phones at Mobile World Congress, but a tablet could be in the works. Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop has been frequently asked if a tablet in the works, dodging the question by saying that the company is watching the tablet market, but it’s entirely possible that the company is quietly experimenting on a tablet of its own. Unless it manages to differentiate itself against the crowd, it would quickly be lost in the background against Apple and Samsung.

Spotted by the folks at Evleaks, the mockup image above comes from designer Renata Cambaúva who has “helped design and concept the Adidas micoach app proposal for the Nokia Tablet.” The image is definitely a mockup, lacking the usual Windows button, but may be signs that the Finnish manufacturer is doing more than just watching. 

“What we’ve said all along, is that Nokia and some of its key attitudes and behaviours are changing. Urgency and moving faster is very important. Relative to Nokia’s history in the past, you should expect to see products with greater frequency, more competitive, more often than you have in the past.” Nokia CEO Stephen Elop told the folks at Pocket Lint.