Globe Telecom completes phase one of modernization program

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Globe Telecom has announced that it completed the first phase of its $700 million network modernization program. It has replaced all of the company’s cell sites nationwide with state-of-the-art equipment. The first phase included replacing existing hardware such as switches, antennae, and cables to boost mobile and data services.

According to Emmanuel Estrada, head of Network Strategy for Globe Network Technology Group, 54 percent of Globe’s cell sites are already running on 4G HSPA+.

“The first phase of the modernization is practically done. We have immediately moved to the next phase of optimizing our new equipment for maximum performance. This concludes the modernization of our access network,” stated Estrada.

For the next phase of its modernization program, Globe will focus on its customers. “To radically improve our network performance and our customers’ experience, we need to replace more than cell sites.”

Globe Telecom has spent quite a bit modernizing the equipment, but was it all worth it? Can you feel the modernization or is it all just the same?



Source: ABS-CBN