Microsoft working on Google Glass competitor for 2014

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Google Glass has been making waves over the past year and now everyone wants a piece of that pie, now that another round of new users have been selected. Not surprisingly, Chinese search giant, Baidu has been working on its own Baidu Eye concept as well. Microsoft is also getting on the wearable electronics bandwagon as well. Redmond is purportedly planning to bring out its own Internet-connected glasses to compete against Google Glass, according to analyst Brian White.

Google has piqued the interest of numerous technophiles, with its wearable Google Glass concept that’s capable of connecting to the Internet, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, along with snapping pictures with an integrated camera. Users control the spectacles through voice-commands, from texting, answering a call, snapping a picture, or surfing the web via an integrated display on the upper right of the user’s right eye.

Google’s exploration into wearable technology has re-energized other companies to take a stab at similar products once again. There has been a resurgence in smartwatches, most notably the successful Pebble Smartwatch and the rumored iWatch. Other big name companies are also working on wearable electronics such as SamsungĀ andĀ LG.

No specific details have been given but White expects Microsoft to reveal its own digital spectacles next year, directly competing against Google Glass which is expected to ship in late 2013.



Source: Apple Insider