Intel doubles speed of next-gen Thunderbolt interface

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Intel has announced the next generation of its Thunderbolt interface that will support 20Gbps transfers, double the speed of the current 10Gbps. Thunderbolt has remained a high-end interface, landing in most of Apple’s Mac product line, though has had trouble gaining widespread traction.

The new Thunderbolt interface (code named Falcon Ridge) now allows simultaneous 4K video file transfer and display, running at top speed. It will support backwards compatibility, so older cables will work just fine. Production is expected to start before the end of the year, ramping up in 2014. The company also revealed an updated version of its current interface, adding Display Port 1.2 functionality, which improves power management and reduces materials cost for the manufacturer.

While there aren’t quite that many uses for high-end interface yet, the company has boasted that it has about 200 licensees. Compatible devices along with thinner cables should be coming out in the following months.



Source: Engadget