Ubisoft’s uPlay exploit offers access to unreleased games

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Published on April 11, 2013 with No Comments


Ubisoft has historically had trouble with its various DRM measures, but this time it has topped the bar.It seems Russian hackers managed to find an vulnerability that allowed users to bypass DRM protections on the uPlay games distribution platform.

The exploit fooled the client into thinking that users already own copies of the games. This gave exploiters access to the company’s whole library of games including those from other publishers including EA and Square Enix along with unreleased games such as FarCry 3: Blood Dragon.


The hackers demonstrated the exploit by posting video footage of the unreleased Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon in action. Copies of the unreleased game have already appeared various BitTorrent tracker sites.

At a time where publishers are debating on the “always-on” DRM scheme, it’s quite confusing where the market will land. Ubisoft has already been burned by various draconian DRM scheme, like “always-on” but such a leak might bring it back.

Ubisoft has issued an official statement on the matter. “We are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it quickly,” it reads. “Uplay’s PC download service will be unavailable until the problem is fixed, but no personal information was compromised and all other Uplay services remain available.”



Source: Gameranx