LG G2 smartphone makes Philippine debut

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Published on October 07, 2013 with 75 Comments


LG Electronics Philippines recently made the local debut of the Internationally acclaimed LG G2 smartphone. The G2 is the successor of LG’s Optimus line of high-end devices that recently held its global unveil in New York.

The LG G2 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Processor, 13-megapixel Full HD camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), sapphire crystal glass lens and 8x digital zoom with 9 multi-point auto focus, and HD video recording of up to 60 fps.


The new LG G2 features a unique design based on behavioral studies. Headlining the list of functions of the new phone is the world’s first Rear Key, which is used for switching on and off, activating LG’s QuickMemoTM, and launching the 13-megapixel Full HD camera. The device sports a 5.2-inch Full HD IPS display for superior graphics and contains the industry’s most powerful battery capacity at 3,000 mAh siO+. It also boasts of the industry’s first 24 bit/192kHz Hi-Fi sound playback for studio-quality audio.

A significantly re-tuned user experience (UX) features improved proprietary functions such as QuickMemoTM, QuickTranslator, QuickRemote, Audio Zoom, Dual Camera, and Dual Recording. It also comes with new and practical UX features such as KnockON, which turns the display on or off by tapping twice with a finger; Guest Mode, which protects the owner’s privacy by displaying only pre-selected apps when guests access the phone; and Answer Me, which automatically answers the call after lowering the ringtone when the phone is raised to one’s ear.

“LG G2 is the pinnacle innovation in the current line-up of LG Mobile,” Lawrence Kim, vice president of LG Electronics Philippines’ Mobile Communications division, stated. “Its key message’Learning from You’ incorporates a number of revolutionary consumer-based components that are set to become trendsetters in today’s smartphone market, shaping the smartphone of choice worldwide.”

  • Brent

    thanks for sharing this! was searching for LG G2 reviews, so far, im really considering now of getting the Globe postpaid plan for LG G2. weew!

    • luizmaniebo

      Nice pick Bro. LG talaga maganda. astig ng features lalo n ung “Guest Mode”. My girlfriend now can’t track my activities — #boyMOVES

      • Marc Daniel

        It also has an Anwer Me feature wherein you’ll be answering an incoming call at your convenience and ease simply by lifting the phone to your face.

    • Marc Daniel

      I also experienced their other features icnluding the KnockOn and Audio Zoom, really amazing smartphone!

  • kevin

    wow for me ito n ung pinakamagandang smartphone

    • luizmaniebo

      yah. kevin. you’re right. it’s the talk of the town by the way because of its Ois feature. HANEP!

    • Cerwayne Yamzon

      Di lang ikaw. It apparently won a few awards as being the best smartphone right now!
      It is equipped with the best of everything!

  • victoriaela

    Big difference in other smartphones…i think this LG G2 is much better.

    • luizmaniebo

      it’s not just better. it’s the best anyway. already know the auto zoom feature? it’s nice. you can capture your magical moments without other interrupting sounds. HANAEP SA GALING.

  • dimpLe

    featuresof LG G2? compare to the other? amazing!

  • shane

    now a day’s all the smartphone are the same, thankful LG G2 came to the market!!
    Totally Different!!

    • Cerwayne Yamzon

      LG did good in implementing innovations on the G2 phone. G2 introduced a lot of new ideas and concept, but the rear key was really the most amazingly surprising feature!

  • angelu

    LG always bring The Best!

  • jam

    its a big big different to the other smartphone. they have many specs. the best phone, i want LG G2

    • Silver Dionisio

      it can zoom up to 8 times and still the picture quality is perfect! Its really sets itself apart from other smartphones!

  • jazz

    LG G2 is much better than other smartphones, so i don’t know why people don’t know about this :)

    • Marc Daniel

      You’re absolutely right! I can’t think of any phone available in the market that will offer the same benefits that LG G2 does.

    • ravennal43

      because they always comparing G2 to the other like samsung and iphone..but if you expirience the G2 and say to yourself wow..

  • tyn

    A Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Processor and a rear key that other phone doesnt have.

  • techstyle020

    i really want to explore everything about this LG G2 phone..the answer me w/c i can automatically answer the call is intersting and also the audio zoom.. Best smart phone

    • Marc Daniel

      Indeed! The perfect smartphone that I’ve ever experience!

  • thecyberinsider

    ill swtich to LG G2 after reading this review, the design and specs are so nice..ill share this also to friends so they will learn and know more about the new smart phone from LG.

  • Kent Ace

    i loved this LG G2, because of its new innovation on audio zoom! awesome!!

  • Jutch Oh

    LG has again proven itself with the release of the G2 smartphone. They were able to perfectly position itself with the “Learning From You” message by incorporating experience. The audio zoom is just amazing as well as the tracking zoom and really helpful as well.

  • Cerwayne Yamzon

    The G2 smartphone introduced a lot of interesting concepts. The rear key was the best so far, it’s something really useful and user friendly.

  • Marc Daniel

    LG G2’s Full HD Video Recoding is far yet the best among the other smartphone’s camera/video features.

    • Cerwayne Yamzon

      The audio zoom and the track are jaw-dropping! The OIS is a plus for the camera! Less shaking in videos and less blurr in pictures!

      • Jell Garcia

        I definitely agree! :) I also heard that the feature “Shot and Clear” elimintaed unwanted moving objects from your images, for more perfect shots. So give it a try!

  • Jell Garcia

    Its because the lens is moving at ease, everything comes real! It is like I’m really experiencing the actual scene!

    • Cerwayne Yamzon

      The OIS makes the camera pretty effective. Because of the lenses moving, there are less shaking in the videos. The camera works so well even in places with low-light settings!

    • joy

      exactly! it can capture sharp picture and smooth video with G2’s 13 MP camera.

    • shean

      amazing! also the battery life span of the LG G2, HOORAY!

  • silver dionisio

    Experiencing this phone for the first time gave me chills! Nowadays, innovations are everywhere and really advance! and the LG’s G2 gives Apple iPhone and Samsung’s S series a run for their money! unique features like no other! its capability to audio zoom, plug and play and its sleek design with button less sides and rear key for volume and power button. Smartest smartphone ever!

  • thecyberinsider

    Comparing G2 display to other smartphones display’s. the G2 is better than samsung’s galaxy s4 super Amoled, it also more vibriant and larger.. the wide strengths of the LG’s True-HD IPS+ panel make it a very solid inclusion in the G2.

    • mary rose

      yeah if i compare G2 to the other, its seems G2 better and unique and many specs and application

  • tai

    excited to buy my LG G2 later :) amazing specs makes you on the top of other phones that has same specs and features over and over again ^__^ OIS Camera !!

  • Silver Dionisio

    heard that i can go online all day and the battery is still in good condition! a smart powered battery i built within the phone and maximizes its battery space making the G2 longer to use! :)

    • Lee

      yeah and there are no lags even if you run different apps at the same time, it has a very smooth performance

    • ravennal43

      so that’s why im choosing G2 many specs and application thanks for the LG that made smartphone ilove it.

  • chiz

    LG puts the bar higher for other smartphone brands with their newest product offering the LG G2!

  • Lee

    this is new! OIS cam is where your cam follows the moving target when taking a photo and you can easily remove those photobombers right after taking the photo

    • kent

      i got great shots! with the OIS cam of G2! its like blur free!

  • kent

    the rear key is so convenient for me, and its very natural in using it. two thumbs up LG G2! m/

  • lydia

    switching for LG G2 make me satisfy alot! really love the features.

    • dimple

      exactly! They think that we need The Best Smartphone , so we created one. #Learningfromyou #LGG2

      • Joey

        i really hope i could buy one :)

  • pam

    love the dual camera! I can take pictures of my crush in a 2 in 1 mode. haha LOL!

    • allen

      haha and you can clear those photobombers right after you take the pic!

  • chevin

    G2 met my demands they have everything

  • mark

    wow G2 for me is the best smartphone because of new features like rear key, OIS camera and tracking zoom

  • Ederick

    OIS cam really works great! the audio zoom surprised me its very futuristic its the first time ive encounter such feature

  • joy

    amazing G2 i want this..

  • giantcentipedge

    where it i buy..this smartphone that i need for my office. many application in G2 that i want..

  • Sweet

    i just got my LG G2 with Globe postpaid! the specs and features of it really amaze me :) Super love the 13mp OIS Camera :)

  • janna

    G2 the best Smartphone today! its specs and features makes me different from other phones out there. ^^

  • corn

    i like this LG G2! i want to buy one… the specs are amazing :)

  • ejhie

    whoooo! LG G2, my auntie have this phone and its really amaze me, its specs and features are spectacular! its audio zoom super live and its 13mp OIS camera heaven! :)

  • genny

    ahhh i keep on reading articles about G2.. i super love it na ..

  • mobile

    this phone is this the best smartphone bec of new features like OIS cam and rear key

  • karen

    wow i want G2 bec of rear keyand more new features……

  • noemi

    ahhh i keep on reading articles about G2.. i super love it na ..

  • ton

    Big difference in other smartphones…i think this LG G2 is much better.

  • migz

    congrats LG for your amazing gadgets like G2

  • rhea

    G2 is really an amazing phone ^^

  • che marie

    Long Lasting Battery! :) SUper love it! <3

    • sheryl

      Very long lasting battery! LG G2 has 3,000 mAh SIO+. More happy moments, more fun! <3 <3 <3

  • nene

    this is incredibly great! goodwork LG

    • mary

      LG I wonder how this new G2 perform?

      • may

        well, LG G2 has 3,000 mAh SIO+ which means that you could have a lot more fun moments to share with though this gadget. :)

  • Nerry

    LG G2 now in the Philippines. Shocks! LG G2 Yours at P1399, by subscribing to Globe postpaid plan 999+P400 cashout monthly. available nationwide. Gettin’ crazy here :)

  • teuk

    oh this is the G2, i saw the tvc of LG last night in Kbs World,,, Cool i like its rear key!! Thumbs up!!

  • yohan

    its processor!!^______^ big smile! ilove it!

  • kim

    im thinking to buy S4 but when i saw this LG G2! i change my mind :) spec and features are wise!

  • maja

    first rear key! this will help me to take photos conveniently :)

  • goya

    knock on, rear key and so many more!! The best smartphone! :)